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BK 21 Plus Project

Brain Korea [BK] 21 Plus Project offers a wide range of opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to participate in various domains of academic, education and employment programs.

Project for Youngnam Regional Culture, Language and Literature

This project conducts language and literature research by applying cultural approaches, and creates assets of cultural language and literature which is characteristic to the Youngam region. This project provides a new approach to the acquirement of Korean language and literature, Korean education, elevating the values it provides.

Training Project for the Professional Manpowers for Glocal History and Culture

This project suggests new approaches to historical studies, based on glocal insights: international exchange as well as local studies. Moreover, it contributes to creating a new vision of history and culture through training professional man power.

Training Project for Creative Human Resources in the Clinical Philosophy

This project’s objective is to promote and to provide a new domain, ‘Clinical Philosophy.’ meeting the demand for creative human resources required for a 21th century knowledge-based society. Associated with therapeutic meditation, this academic domain also contributes to solving diverse mental problems.

Training Project for Creative Human Resources in Chinese Culture

In this era of globalization where the values of Chinese culture, language and literature are being unprecedentedly re-evaluated, it is essential for this project to secure competitiveness edge within Korean culture. In this world context, this project conducts convergence-researches of Chinese language, literature, culture and ecology, cultivating creative human resources.